“ We shall never have done with studying and learning. In the theatre, as in life, we try first of all to free ourselves, As far as we can, from our own limitations. Then we can begin to practice this ‘noble and magical art’’.


Then we may begin to dream. 

Please see below for prices...

Robert Edmund Jones 

We want Affordable training! 

We believe that training should be available to everyone and so we keep our prices as low possible...

We also offer special rates under certain conditions so please do let us know if you're struggling.

Your Training



How We Work

 We work in a different way from other schools.

We don't believe that a technique can be taught properly unless student growth is put first and foremost.

This inherently means that each student's learning rate will be different.

Hence progression within the Part Time Courses is not based on time but on mastery of the exercises and the development of the proper mentality:  passion, focus, commitment and professionalism.

Please Click HERE for More info on Meisner Course Structure.

Or HERE for the Actor's Craft: Method and Meisner.


The year is divided into 3 Terms and applies to all levels: Level 1 , 2 and 3 .

This is purely to help organise payments and allow 3 small breaks a year otherwise:

Training is all year round. 

Payment is due before each Term begins and can be paid either in one lump sum or block payments due every 4 weeks or 'Block'.

If you join mid-term you will only pay from the date you joined.


Term One     16 weeks 

Term Two     16 weeks

Term Three  14 weeks*

* There will be a 50% price reduction for final  Block of Term 3 as it is only 2 weeks long. Term 3 lasting 14 weeks total.

1 Class Per Week

16 Classes in Total for Term

£448 per Term 


4 x Blocks of £112

2 Classes Per Week

32 Classes in Total for Term

£848 per Term


4 x Blocks of £212

3 Classes Per Week

48 Classes in Total for Term



4 x Blocks of £294

4 Classes Per Week

64 Classes in Total for Term



4 x Blocks of £384

5 Class Per Week

80 Classes in Total for Term



4 x Blocks of £460

Once enrolled, the student is committed for the Term.

Special exceptions, such as professional work, apply.

These Prices apply to all Part Time Course Options.

Term dates 2020

Term One, 16 weeks
 January 4th – April 24rd 

2 Week Break

Term Two , 16 weeks 

May 10th – September 4th  
2 week Break 

Term Three,  13 weeks (Price will be adjusted to shorter term)
September 20th – December 18th 


Christmas Break till New Year.


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